Is Learning How To Build Solar Panels Worth It?


This question is a matter of opinion, it depends on the person and what they plan to use it for. So I will go on and tell you my opinion of the matter and what I dislike and like about the project.

Yes, I personally do think learning how to build solar panels are worth it because not only is it green energy, but it saves me money as well. It paid itself off in a matter of 4 or 5 months. And I only have a couple solar panels, there are guys that power their whole home and then some off of these DIY solar panels, you can imagine what kind of money they are saving! I use one panel to power my laptop, chargers etc, when I am away from home. It is on the smaller side and very easy to move around, it is my portable solar panel as I like to call it. My other one is bigger and powers my shed and outdoor freezers. Oh I can’t forget about my hot tub either! It produces enough energy that it powers all of those items without me paying for anymore electricity. It is cost free!

So how did I learn how to build solar panels? I ended up doing some research and found some good information, and some crappy information. I decided I wanted something in step by step format so that I would have good information from start to finish, and so that I could see that they could do it, which means I can do it. I heard a lot about these DIY solar panel guides, some people said they were great and others said they were a scam and no good. After reading reviews I decide what the heck, I will go for it. They are cheap anyways with the discount they were offering.

And I am so glad that I did. I had nothing but a great experience learning how to build solar panels with the help of the guides. They offered videos as well so you can see exactly how to do certain steps that you are unclear of. It made the process much easier and a lot faster, I could just imagine how long it would have taken me if I tried to accomplish it on my own. Or if I hired a company, how much money I would have spent.

The guides also helped me find some materials. To buy solar cells, I had no idea where I could pick those up. But they gave me suggestions and what to look for and different prices etc. I was blown away from the support and help I received.

The only thing is that it did take a while to get the hang of some parts. But like I said it depends on the person. I never used a soldering gun before, so it took me a bit to get it right, it took me awhile to figure out my layout and how to hook it all up. But once you got it, EASY! It is just like anything that you are new at, so it didn’t come at a surprise. But I loved it and I know you will to, as it is a great project and you know you are doing something good for this world at the end of it. I think the process of learning how to build solar panels is fairly easy though, of course with some guidance. It doesn’t have any hard steps to take, unless you plan on mounting it on your home. Then it is a lot more work.

You learn how to build solar panels at home, how to create renewable green energy just from using the sun, and how to save energy once you have produced it. It is a system that works well, and is amazing to see it work when you have it all set up.

So in conclusion, learning how to build solar panels is definitely worth it and is a great investment to make. But I do recommend doing some serious research, or picking up one of those guides as it helped me out tremendously!